Are You Ready?

Are you tired of waiting around 
for love to just magically appear

Are you ready to heal your wounds and
 just be happy once and for all.

You are only a few steps aways from the TRUE YOU & TRUE LOVE! 
BECOME the person who can easily receive & keep love
in this 21 Day Love Transformation

Sometimes, all it takes to magnetize love in your life is to remember what love feels like, tastes like, sounds, like, and looks like. The way to get there is through you! 
Let me show you how. 

In this course you will…

 - Align with your external environment to 
'call in' your true love

- Re-ignite fun in your life

- Release your exes

- Heal old wounds

- Increase self love and self confidence

 - Find your voice

- AND of course, attract love by being love
With over 15 years of experience, International Shamanic Love Expert, Author, and Intuitive Healer, Janice B. Noehulani has created this easy to use, effective, results-oriented program to help you draw love to you, increase self love, clear away beliefs that stop you, and engage in inspired actions towards love.   

In this course, you will be given a daily affirmation, inspired action, and an energetic clearing statement, all with the intention to activate love in your life now. Wherever you are in your search for love, by simply moving through these 21 days with Janice, you will become more fulfilled, happier, and of course, see how easy it is to magnetize love into your life. 

    And that's not all! You will also receive...

     a Daily Meditation Download to help you 
    more easily raise your vibrational frequency to love. 

    Use it during your 21 Day Love Transformation and Beyond. 
    Here’s what people have said about working with Janice

    “Everything I wanted came true. The whole experience was magical.” - Veronica

    “These 21 days have been fun and very deep, all at the same time. I can see now what has been holding me back. The exercises are easy to follow and even easier to implement into my life as healthy habits. In general, I am happier in every area of my life now. 
     in every aspect of my life and now I am dating the man I believe is the one. 
    This stuff really works!” -Tina

    “I loved every second of this course. I learned a lot about myself and how I was blocking myself from love. I finished the course last week and people have already been commenting about "a change in me". I have changed! I feel great! I am also very aware of the attention I am receiving from quality men. The best part is I just don’t feel the same stress to find love anymore. I feel more present and confident about my ability to love.” -Donna

    How Does It Work ?

    Starting today, you will receive the course introduction and Your Daily Meditation download. This mp3 will allow you to get acclimated to using visualization and energy to clear blocks.  

    Then over the course of the following 21 days, you will be given an affirmation, an inspired action, and an energetic clearing statement, all infused with the intention to generate and activate love throughout your mind, body, and soul. Each lesson is yours to keep, which will make it easy to refer back to it whenever you see fit. This is a self paced program, so do not worry if you miss a day or need to spend more time on an individual day. 

    YOU ARE READY! Right?!

     Then there is no time like the present to say, “YES!” Join the the people before you who are happy they said “YES!” You have nothing to lose! If you are not 100% satisfied, notify us within 7 days of your purchase and we will give you a refund.  

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    Janice Noehulani is an internationally recognized Love Coach, Shamanic Healer, Soul Path Visionary, Author, Facilitator, and Teacher of Transformation and Transmutation. 

    She is most well known for her ability to help people clear their pathways to receiving love in all it’s abundant forms - life-lasting soul partnership(s), money, career, health, lifestyles, 
    adventures, and creativity. 

    Janice has been honored to have worked with people of all backgrounds and walks of life including healers and shaman, accountants, models, farmers, entrepreneurs and attorneys to name a few, in countries near and far.

    Ultimately, Janice’s desire is to remind everyone she meets that within all of us we are whole and love, no matter what our past circumstance has looked like. From this love frequency, all things you desire are not just possible... but probable. 

    Janice is known for her laughter and her uncanny, laser sharp intuitive insights that lead her clients to their 
    own wisdom and healing. 

    Janice is a natural born “Soul-Seer” and has received an abundance of specialty training in holistic, traditional, and alternative medicines, (including Access Consciousness and Shamanic Trainings to name a few) to help her make sense and see the usefulness of her natural gifts and talents. 

    Janice is dedicated and passionate about helping you receive a life you love with people you love.
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